About us

About Nes hf. The Nes shipping company was founded in 1974 with the main purpose of shipping bulk from and to Iceland. The company bought its first vessel „Svanur" the year it was founded.

Nes was founded and registered in Grundarfjördur in the west of Iceland, whereas the company´s office was located in Reykjavik and later on was relocated to Hafnarfjödur where it still is today.

Pálmi Pálsson is the founder and owner of the company. The first years he worked as a captain on Svanur, after which he took place at the company´s office as managing director until his retirement in 2011, after which Helgi Thorisson replaced him as managing director.

The largest shareholders of Nes in addition to Pálmi, are Gudmundur Ásgeirsson, Árni Emilsson, Ólafur Gudmundsson and Soffía Fridgeirsdóttir.

Today Nes owns two vessels named, Haukur and Sunna. Both vessels are bulk carriers and has Nes been shipping bulk from when it was founded. Haukur is equipped with an onboard movable crane and is therefore able to load and unload bulk by itself.


Main products being shipped are fishmeal, animal feeding, gravel/stones, wood, steel, raw materials for industrial production, calcareous marine algae, machinery parts and many other products.


Today BYKO, Icelandic Sea Minerals and Eden Export are the company´s largest customers. BYKO is importing construction products, whereas the other two are exporting products such as Calcareous marine algae to Ireland and France and basalt to Norway.


In addition, Nes has always been transporting Icelandic products between harbours abroad. Nes is for example shipping products several times per year to Greenland.

Nes is also active on the domestic market. The company has for a long time been shipping salt from Hafnarjördur to other harbours in Iceland as well as cement and other construction product between harbours.


All three vessels owned by Nes are sailing under the Norwegian or Faroese flag. Lómur and Svanur are sailing under the Norwegian flag and Haukur under the Faroes flag. Most of the crew are foreign and mainly from Eastern Europe. Among the crew on Haukur are three Icelanders, a captain, steersman and mechanic..